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Tooth Fairy Tooth Whitening Systems

Tooth Fairy will be offering two types of Tooth Whitening at the upcoming exhibition Acadermia along with selling the Professional Tooth Whitening Set and Tooth Crystal Kits for the salon.

Professional Tooth Whitening - An hour long appointment increases revenues in your Salons by SEK 1000-1500 per treatment. Your Tooth Whitening Starter Set includes 25 Tooth Whitening Kits, all equipment, promotional material and training to offer this treatment in your Salon. Show Price SEK 13900 saving you SEK 1700. Receive a free Tooth Crystal Starter Set when purchasing the Tooth Whitening Starter Set at the show.

Professional Tooth Whitening with LED light

The price for a 30 minute treatment with a Professional LED light costs 800 SEK.  The client will wear a gum shield with the tooth whitening gel in their mouth while our fast acting LED light boosts the action of the whitening process. In 30 minutes the client will change maximum 9 shades lighter in colour. 

We will also be selling Tooth Whitening Home kits to use at home.  You can combine this with a LED treatment to boost the effect even further or begin completely at home.  The tooth whitening home kit is a two week process that you do in the comfort of your own home.  The price for one kit is 300 SEK.

The tooth whitening gel lightens natural teeth.  All teeth have pores and when the gel cleans the natural pores of the teeth the client automatically becomes whiter. It is a non aggressive gel that will not make the client sensitive after or cause burning of the gums.  The appointment is completely comfortable.

You can view all products on You Tube: Fairy


We look forward to seeing you on our Stand at Acadermia.  Stand VH06:12

Established in 1999, Tooth Fairy is the Original Tooth Jewellery Company. Due to the popularity of our products, Tooth Fairy has expanded into Tooth Whitening for either Home or Professional use.

Speaking several languages in the office and on our packaging we are able to sell throughout Europe and North America.  Our head office is in Switzerland and we also have a branch in North America.

We attend 40 professional hair and beauty exhibitions throughout Europe.

Tooth Fairy continues to expand their top quality product line throughout international salons and distributors.


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